The Magic Of Flowers

 10 Nov 2020

Whats so special about flowers you may ask?

Well as florists and floral designers, our team understand the connection we have to nature and our appreciation for all its beauty grows more everyday. Flowers have the ability to express what we cant put into words.Whats the perfect gift for the person whom has everything....!

Its the behind the scenes that you don't see where we plant the seeds of magic to begin, we spend hours selecting and sourcing the best quality for our customers to ensure our products are long lasting and up to our standards.With every creation we set an intention of joy and we think about the journey the flowers have taken, from the poly tunnels of Holland to your dining table, special loved one,wedding day......

Now to call every flower perfection would be a flawed statement in itself, as the earth understands the uniqueness of each flower, whether it be grown with a slight natural curve,maybe a petal or two more green than others. However, isn't it special to notice? Does this make you wonder what we have in common with flowers ain't it just magic to think everything in existence of this earth has its own unique identity.