Valentines At Clares flowers

 01 Feb 2024

Love is in the air here at Clares flowers!

Every year on the 14th of February we celebrate St Valentines. It is truly a time to embrace your inner "hopeless romantic" , let your guard down and surprise someone with sweet intentions.     Here at Clares flowers we are all about creating the elements to enhance the scene! Be it our sweet scented pastel blooms or our luxurious red velvet roses ,a natural sunflower bouquet, or our chocolate covered roses, for those of you who love something different we've got something for every special loved one!

Now with all this talk of love, romance and expression, where would we be without our friends and family ,that add so much magic to our lives. Why not surprise a friend or beloved aunt with beautiful blooms? We believe strongly that the true essence of Valentines is really encapsulated ,when we focus on loving, sharing with and remembering those around us that bring joy to our lives ! We reccomend choosing flowers in shades of yellows and purples as these represent our love of friendship.

Finally let me ask you , when was the last time you treated you spontaneously? Self love is golden, don't forget just how special you are and how much you mean to you! With that i encourage you to indulge yourself with love, flowers, a romantic walk with nature and a glass of your bubbly best self. Affirm I AM AWESOME ! Happy Valentines we love you all!


        Clares Flowers Team xoxo